Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott Martin Transfers to Notre Dame

Yes it is final, Scott Martin has chosen Notre Dame.  The Purdue transfer was looking at Notre Dame, Butler, DePaul, and Valparaiso.  I think he made the best choice.  Martin will have 3 years of eligibility with the Irish after he sits out the required year.   The 6-8 foot freshmen averaged 9 points per game and 4 rebounds, not bad at all for a freshmen off the bench.

Scott should help the Irish out a lot.  His size is needed and having him, Harangody and Tyrone Nash down low will present a very athletic and intimidating post in two years.  Martin was ranked 29 on the national list of recruits for last recruiting season.  These two big-name recruits will certainly come in handy for the Irish down the road.  Ben Hansbrough should be able to take the place of Kyle McAlarney with some hard work and Martin will certainly have a big impact on the block.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

College 3 Point Line to be Moved Back

It is a deal ready to be closed, the 3 point line will likely be moved back a whole foot starting next season.  The new proposal is expected to be approved tomorrow by the Playing Rules Oversight Committee. However, the size of the lane will stay the same.  The reason for the change was to prevent to much 'jamming of the court' and to prevent as much physical play.  Personally I disagree with this rule and I am very much hoping it is shot down.  Physical play is always all in good fun.  

So what does this all mean for the Irish who were 7th in the country in 3 point percentage and what does it mean for all the other teams.  Personally  I don't think it will have much affect on players that shoot the 3 for there main offense.  Kyle McAlarney, I am sure won't have a problem adjusting.  I just think big men who shoot 3s will feel the effect.  Luke Zeller will have a harder time finding his 3 pointers.  He loves to shoot them but it is hard for a big guy to get out of the paint to throw up a 3 without risking losing the rebound, and the extra foot back could make a big difference.  

So we will see how the committee rules, but don't get your hopes up for the rule to be rejected.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Irish Highlights: Year in Review

A terrific YouTube video showing some amazing highlights for the 2007-2008 season.  It seems to me that Notre Dame basketball is finally getting recognized .

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Ben Hansbrough Transfers to Notre Dame

Ben Hansbrough, brother of Tyler Hansbrough, has transferred to Notre Dame.  In his freshmen season he quickly became known as the "Hardest Working Man in College Basketball" and now he will be able to bring that level of integrity to the Irish.  He will certainly be a great addition to the Irish back court, but he will have to wait out a year because of NCAA rules. 

Ben averaged 11 points and 3 assists per game last season in his sophomore year, as well as help the Bulldogs  win first round in the NCAA tournament and almost knock off the #1 seed Memphis. Once he starts playing he will have 2 years of eligibility for the Irish

What I find interesting is that North Carolina and Notre Dame will both have Hansbroughs and Zellers on their teams.  As you know, Luke Zeller plays on the Irish and his younger brother Tyler Zeller has been recruited and signed by NC even after aggressive recruiting by the Irish and his brother.  Tyler is one of the nations top prospects.  And now the Irish will have Tyler Hansbrough's brother  Ben.  Maybe the teams can schedule a game and have one big family reunion. 

Scott Martin from Purdue has also decided to transfer.  He is looking at Valparaiso or Notre Dame.   He was shown around the campus of Notre Dame by former AAU teammate, Luke Harangody.  He has yet to make a decision, he would be a great pick-up. 

Monday, May 12, 2008

Good Recruiting Class?

Don't count on it. In fact the real question is if there will be even a recruiting class, as of now Notre Dame has not offered a scholarship to anyone yet.  It seems that the Irish are confident with the team they have now and that last years freshmen who saw no action will be able to step it up.  I don't see how you could lack confidence when your team did way better than expected finishing in the top 20 and when your only losing one player. 

Expect to see a lot more minutes from the kids who sat the bench last year.  The Irish may have the same team, but they will look a lot different considering how four players, who didn't really get a chance last year, are now expected to get a considerable amount of time.

I would like to see a new big man down low, which I believe is the only area that needs to be improved. If the Irish had one more dominant post player then they would be nearly unstoppable. However, it will be interesting to see how Tyrone Nash and Charleton Scott will fill in the 4 and 5 slots. Maybe one of them can be that dominant player.