Saturday, March 28, 2009

New Poll

Everyone should check out the new poll.  This seems to be on the mind every Irish fan right now.  What is better? Loss first round of NCAA or winning NIT.  

It's a tough question and everyone has different opinions about it.  Regardless of what you think of the question, I still think we need to win the NIT to keep any pride at all.  Penn State is a team with a lot of quality wins and they should pose a real challenge.  The key for the Irish will be their defense.  If the Irish can rebound and play strong D, then we should advance.  However, that is easier said then done since our atrocious defense is the reason we are playing in the NIT in the first place.

Go Irish.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

On to the Final Four

Notre Dame will advance to the NIT Final Four after the last victory in the Joyce Center over Kentucky.

Let's bring home the title.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Irish Advance over New Mexico

Notre Dame: 70 
New Mexico: 68

Tory Jackson was the hero.  After blowing an early sizable lead it looked as though the season was about to end.  However after battling back,  the Irish tied it up and Tory Jackson made an under hand jumper to win the game by 2.  

Jackson had 16 points.

Gody had 26 points and 11 rebounds.

The Irish will play the winner of Kentucky and Creighton.  The game will be at the Joyce Center if it is against Kentucky and at Creighton if Creighton wins.  Let's hope we get one more at home. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Irish Advance

#2 Notre Dame: 68
#7 UAB: 62

Well we didn't pack the Joyce Center, our crowd was embarrassing compared to the one in South Carolina for the Davidson game.  Oh well, imagine if it wasn't St. Patrick's Day.  

A pretty lame effort was enough for the Irish to advance.  Hopefully, they pick up the intensity for the next game. 

Let's Pack the Joyce Center

Here's one thing to cheer about, it's St. Patrick's day and the Irish are in town.  Who cares if is its the NIT.  This might be your last chance to see our 4 seniors who really helped out in the recent success the program has had (wether you include this season or not).   

Show some pride, the team deserves to be sent off with a packed house. 

Sunday, March 15, 2009


The Irish have been chosen as a 2 seed in the NIT.  Hooray.

Let's make the most of it though, go out and win the whole NIT and bring a banner to the Joyce Center.

The Irish will play the 7 seeded UAB Blazers first round.  A pretty tough match-up.  

The full bracket can be seen here.

It won't be the last game at the Joyce Center after all.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Selection Monday? What a Joke

Selection Monday is the women's version of the selection show where the 65 team field is picked for the NCAA Tournament.  I just saw a commercial for Selection Monday on ESPN and it said, "Tune in for complete coverage and a complete analysis of the bracket."  Living in Connecticut, I know just how ridiculous this is.  

C'mon lets be serious, who can even come close to beating Connecticut?  They beat #2 NC by 30, #4 Oklahoma by 30, and won the Big East Championship to #5 Louisville by 45.  There closest game this season was a 10 point win over our Lady Irish.  Connecticut is 33-0 and I promise they will finish 39-0.  

It does not matter who the other 64 teams in the tournament are, UConn is going to win no matter what.  That's my complete analysis. 

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Irish fall to WVU

(7) West Virginia: 71
(10) Notre Dame: 60

After the first half I thought this was going to be an all out negative post, but the Irish played with such heart in the second half that I just can't do it.  They played terrible in the first half, ok that's all I am going to say.

Being rebounded was the key, but I applaud the effort.  McAlarney and Gody did their best to get a win. 

If we had started better we would have won.

A lot of people have been criticizing Mike Brey lately.  This season was disappointing, but I still don't blame only him.  I have always been a Brey defender, however,  I admit after the first half I was fed up with him.  Zone? Really?  WV shot 3s un-contested all day, and they were just settling for those.  They could have gotten easy lay-ups every time if they really wanted.  In the second half Mike Brey redeemed himself.  He got a technical that I could watch over and over again.  It fired the team up and got them back into the game. 

If we have another bad season next year, I would think Brey needs to be reconsidered as the head coach.  Until then, he should be here to stay. 

Kyle McAlarney will obviously be missed.  It hurt me a little to see him with tears in his eyes and so disappointed after the game.  Everyone appreciates what he has done for this program.  

It's on to the NIT.  

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Irish Win First Round Game

(10) Notre Dame: 61
(15) Rutgers: 50

Rutgers gave us a run for our money, but the better team prevailed in a hard fought battle.  Notre Dame's victory became the first non-upset of this years Big East Championship and was a major sigh of relief.  With Cincinnati's and Georgetown's thin bubbles bursting earlier today, the Irish now need to most likely win two more games to be considered for a tournament spot.  The team is acting very confident, their goal is 5 games not 3.  

Kyle McAlarney and Ryan Ayers both hit their 3-point attempts today finishing with 11 and 10 points respectively.  Zach Hillesland also showed to a threat on offense early in the game, which I believe was big.  Proving he could score early made his defender have to guard him instead of just looking to help on Gody.  He finished with 6.  Tyrone Nash got his usual hustle plays as well as contributing 9 points.  A good game for him.

Gody struggled all game.  He only finished with 7 points on 3-17 shooting.  His lack-luster performance did earn him a lot of rest though.  We will obviously need him going forward in the tournament.  

Moving on to West Virginia.  The Irish lost to WV on the road in their only game to them this season.  The loss was not bad and on a neutral court it should be much closer.  I can hardly wait till next game.

BET: Day 1

(16) DePaul 67  (10) Notre Dame 61
(9) Cincinnati 57 (15) Rutgers 51

(13) St. John's 64 (11) Seton Hall 68
(12) Georgetown 59 (14) USF 54

With the first session of the Big East Tournament done, both of the underdogs won upset victories.  It kind of makes me scared for the Irish game tonight.  These losses eliminate Cincinnati and Georgetown for an NCAA bid, both teams fates are now sealed to the NIT.  This means unless the Irish can make a miracle run in the tournament or unless Providence can get a few wins, the Big East will only have 7 bids in the tournament.

Providence may only have to win one game to get in, but since there next game is against DePaul, it may not be good enough.  These upset wins need to open the minds of the Irish and tell them to go get a win.  Two big competitors for a last chance NCAA bid are off the board which should provide motivation for the team.  

But like I said above,  these upsets do scare me.  Especially since Notre Dame does not exactly have a stellar Big East Tournament record.  So go play hard and get a win.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Big East Tournament

After a very long season the BET has finally come.  The Irish are in no means where they wanted to be at the start of the season, but regardless here is the 2009 Big East Tournament Bracket

Thursday, March 5, 2009

It's Time to Start Believing

For the Irish now is time to start believing.  The Irish struggled for a variety of reasons,  but that is done.  It's in the past and there is nothing anyone can do to change the disappointing year we have experienced.  The Irish need to accept what happened and move on.  

With the last loss to Nova,  the Irish have fallen off the map.  ESPN and everyone else has forgotten about the Irish, they are not included in any bubble talk at all.  Everyone is just expecting the team to fade away, but this thing isn't over yet.  You know, I heard a comparison today that really made me think;  the possibility of Kyle McAlarney carrying the Irish to the Big East Championship like Gerry McNamara did for the Orange.  Similar positions, similar roles on their teams and even similar last names.  If the Irish can win the BET or even make a significant 4 game run they will make the NCAA Tournament.

What I am saying is it's not too late if we keep fighting.  And their is not one reason for the Irish not to keep fighting.  It can be done.  All we need is to believe, play strong, and hope for a little luck for once.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Irish fall to Nova

#11 Villanova- 77
Notre Dame- 60

Any realistic chance of making the NCAA Tournament is lost, the Irish have officially fallen off the cliff.  This loss was the final nail in the coffin and it really is too bad.  I really feel for the seniors on the team,  you could tell they wanted it bad.  The only bright spot of the night was Ryan Ayers.  He had 25 points and I am sure everyone appreciated his single handed effort to get a win.  

There is no denying that this was a disappointing season,  because not even the critics at the start of the season thought it would be this bad.  The Irish started in the AP poll at #7 and were looking at a probable 2 seed in the NCAA Tournament.  Now, only months later,  the Irish are only 4 games over .500 and pending a miracle, the Irish will not make the tournament.  It's sad when you think about.  I think it really is simple why, the Irish were not successful.  One, the Irish were slightly over-rated from the start and two, the Irish simple underperformed.  There are 3 games the Irish should have ABSOLUTELY won.  St. John's,  Ohio State, and Cinncinati.  With those wins the Irish would of looked like; 19-9 overall and 9-8 in the Big East.  They would be in.

Now I said there are nor realistic chances for ND to make the tournament, but here are some unrealistic chances:

1.  Win the Big East Tournament, haha.

2. Beat St. John's and win 4 games in the tournament in 4 days. 

3. Beat St. Jonh's and win 3 games in the tournament and be a huge bubble team

If anything worse than scenario 3 happens, don't look for the Irish on Selection Sunday.  Scenario 3 isn't really that unbelievable when you think about it, but it would be very difficult and could also very well not be enough.

However, I still expect the Irish to play with heart going forward.  Their is nothing left to lose so it would be crazy to not have winning the Big East Tournament as your goal right now.  Just leave it all on the court, that's all you can do.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Last Stand

Think of making the tournament as trying not to fall off a cliff.  Every game you lose would be a step towards the cliff and every game you win you don't step back.   The Irish are right on the edge of the cliff, the slightest move backwards and it's over.  The Irish need to win 4 in a row starting now to make it in, it can be done.

Before I go talking about that however, we need a win tonight.  Because tonight is our last chance.