Sunday, January 10, 2010

Irish Upset #8 West Virginia 70-68

Isn't it amazing? The Irish hanged on to win a thriller tonight and it had everything a typical big Notre Dame game has; early success, misleading leads, frustration, anger, despair, and hopelessness. But this game had one thing most don't, a happy ending.

The Irish started the game off to a 21-4 run. People were shocked and stunned, some looked actually worried about what kind of mysterious powers were making this happen. The Irish seemed to be playing strong defense and literally couldn't miss from anywhere on the floor. We were perfect from the field for about ten minutes. We were giving up offensive rebounds but come on, when do we not? If we were rebounding as well, the crowd would then turned to being deeply concerned; concerned that that this was a sign the world was ending. The Irish led 45-25 at half.

The second half looked more like what most expected this game to be. West Virginia started nailing their shots and suddenly everyone came to the realization the Irish were never playing that good D. West Virginia was just missing every shot they took. WV took advantage of every offensive rebound and before we knew it the lead was cut down to single digits by the 12 or 13 minute mark. The crowd got knocked out of the game (at least they didn't have to prepare for the End anymore) and morale was at a low. Every true Irish fan realized that this was going to come down to the final buzzer. It did.

The score was 70-68, West Virginia ball with around 15 seconds left. It was easy to lose all hope at this point. I actually said aloud, let them take a lay-up. I mean how many times do we have a defensive collapse at this point and let them win? At least this time we were up 2 and not only up 1 or tied. Right when WV in bounded I had that terrible feeling that they were going for a 3. Then I witnessed a miracle. The Irish made a smart play on defensive! With 4 seconds to go Abro fouled Butler. We had a foul to give so it disrupted their whole offensive play. The ball was inbounded and Butler took a few dribbles and shot up a contested 3...It seemed to hang in the air with true Irish fan knowing the ball was going in...It didn't! It banked off the backboard and rolled around the rim and out. We got lucky and it was a messy finish. But hey, we beat the eighth team in the country.

Carleton Scott has shockingly taken an indefinite leave from the team. It was for personal reasons. The Tribune reported some theories, as well as that Scott and Brey could be meeting next week. I ask Carleton Scott, or whoever is holding him back to please come back/let him come back to play. Joey Brooks got some quality time and played great, but it's not like he is taking anyones spot. Brey has said himself Brooks would fit in the rotation even if Scott chose/chooses to come back. Please come back Carleton Scott, your our only hope for a 8 man rotation and your athleticism is something we cannot replace. A 8 man rotation would mean so much for the team, we cannot expect to not wear out with just 7 people playing, that extra player makes all the difference.

If Scott chooses not to come back...please Brey still have more than 7 man rotation. One of the main reasons the team collapsed last year was simply because the players got tired and over-used.

We playing the Bearcats next weekend. We have a break, so lets sort out this problem. We never play well at their court so lets rest up so we can win. Mark my words, if Carleton Scott comes back (and Brooks plays too) we will beat Cinnci and have a more successful season overall.


Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Up and Running and Ready to Go

The blog was down for a few weeks due to a few issues, but we are going strong now (just like the Irish!).

2-1 Conference Start.   Its gonna be a tough year.  Whadd'ya say we knock off West Virginia huh?

Saturday, December 19, 2009

84-73 Irish Win

If you had told me that the Irish would win this game 7 weeks ago,  I would have been really excited obviously and would of thought we are gonna do great this year.  Today, however I find myself relieved and asking myself wether or not are we gonna do ok this year.  

UCLA may have taken a nose dive faster than Tiger Woods' respect level but this does not diminish the fact that the Irish were able to win on the big stage, against a big time program and on national television.

This win is nice, but conference play is when we will find out just how good this team really is.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brey Basketball: Close game endings

This is the start of a new kind of special post devoted to the coaching strategies of Mike Brey.  Note: This article is heavily sarcastic

Today we will focus and take an in-depth look at how Coach Brey handles situations where the game is on the line.  Brey's strategy is very unique and not done by any other sane coach in the country.

When a coach finds himself in a one possession game with only seconds left most call a timeout, not Brey.  Brey prefers to have his team disorganized and frantic at this time, rather than drawing a set play.  The Brey strategy is simple - The ball is passed in to the point guard who runs it down the court and, depending on the score, will either throw up an off balance 40 foot 3 or try to make an insanely difficult off balance running jump shot inside the arc. 

Brey has stuck by his strategy at all times.  When the Irish are down 2 with seconds left, Brey will almost always look to win the game.  Instead of drawing up a play for the best post scorer in the country to get an easy deuce,  Brey prefers for his team to take a wild three point jump shot (usually off the dribble and well beyond the NBA 3 line.)  The ideal play also involves no passing.  The guard with the ball dribbles with a defender tightly guarding him and throws up a shot, then Brey and the rest of the Irish pray for it to go in. 

I know it sounds like a great strategy so lets look at the numbers shall we?

We did some research and here it is:

Games decided by less than 6 points under Coach Mike Brey.
Wins decided by less than 6 points: 19  (31%)
Losses decided by less than 6 points: 41  (69%)

Now I realize you can't win every close game or even a big majority.  But usually a Coach of a prestigious basketball program goes at least .500 in this category.  19-41 is not even close to .500.  I am not comfortable knowing that if its a close, we have a 70% chance of losing.

Games decided by Overtime under Coach Mike Brey
Wins decided in overtime: 2 (25%)
Losses decided in overtime: 6 (75%)

Time for a reform in the way we handle ourselves during a close game? Brey doesn't think so.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Irish win 90-72




Why has Tim not played before this season.  Why? It is a simple question isn't it?  

He scored 31 points.  In a variety of ways too.  Hit 3s, scored in the post, made free throws, and hit some mid range shots.  Amazing performance and he started.

But heres the problem.  He started over the wrong player.  He started over Ty Nash instead of Jonathan Peoples.  JP is not good.  I'm sorry, he just is not good.  Let's compare Ty Nash and JP on this very day.

Nash: 23 minutes, 7 points, 5 rebounds, 1 assist, 1 turnover

Peoples: 20 minutes, 0 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 1 turnover
-So lets say the turnover cancels out the assist...all he contributed was one defensive rebound in a full half of basketball.  Why is he starting?

That being said because of Tory Jacksons injury, peoples will be in the starting line-up next game.  However, despite that awful side effect, this injury could work out not that bad for the Irish.  Tory will be back in time for UCLA for sure (according to Mike Brey), and it could open up a spot for a freshmen to get some time in the next game.  I know that is unprecedented I do, but how amazing would it be for a FRESHMEN to get playing time?  Brey never trusts freshmen it seems but he could be forced to play one next game.  

Back to the good. Gody scored the usual 29 points.  Him and Tim led the way to an easy win.  Lets keep the momentum going, eh?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not the End of the World

South Bend?
Panic seams to have struck over ND land and people are nervous.  Sure this loss to Northwestern was not a good one,  but it is far too early to write the Irish off all ready.

Have you forgotten that we are a top 25 ranked team at the moment? Have you forgotten that we have the sure to be national player of the year on our team?  Have you forgotten we have the luck of the Irish?

It's WAY too early to start predicting what our Big East record will be. We had a bad game, lets wait a little longer before we raise the white flag.  It's not the end of the world, and our chances of having a successful season are unchanged.  

The people who are saying it's over now are just as bad as the people who are going to declare that we will be national champions if we beat UCLA in a few weeks.

It's too early.