Saturday, November 28, 2009

Not the End of the World

South Bend?
Panic seams to have struck over ND land and people are nervous.  Sure this loss to Northwestern was not a good one,  but it is far too early to write the Irish off all ready.

Have you forgotten that we are a top 25 ranked team at the moment? Have you forgotten that we have the sure to be national player of the year on our team?  Have you forgotten we have the luck of the Irish?

It's WAY too early to start predicting what our Big East record will be. We had a bad game, lets wait a little longer before we raise the white flag.  It's not the end of the world, and our chances of having a successful season are unchanged.  

The people who are saying it's over now are just as bad as the people who are going to declare that we will be national champions if we beat UCLA in a few weeks.

It's too early.  

Northwestern Owns Irish 72, 58

They outplayed us it was pretty easy to see that.  But secondly, when is the last time that a Notre Dame basketball team put up 58 points?  We usually lose cause we can't play D not cause we can't score.  I mean we shot 32% from the field?  Whats going on? Is the world ending in 2012?  

Gody had 21 points and led the team.  Tyler Hansbrough's brother Ben couldn't hit the side of a barn if he tried.  1-10 from the field, and 0-7 from 3 point land.

The worst part was the Irish came back after being down 12 to cut the lead to 58-56 with 2:18 on the clock.  Then we let them end the game with a 14-2 to run, not good.

This game was not a good sign.  At the first glimpse of a not horrible team, we lose by 12.  Lets rebound off this game.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

23 ranked Irish Win Again

Keenesaw that coming.  The Irish played another cupcake and won.  No real story here except that the Irish face the first opponent that poses any threat on Friday night, the Northwestern Wildcats.  

The Irish made their way to the top 25.  Well they made there because other teams lost, not cause they beat any worthy opponents but oh well.  Lets keep on keeping on and win friday night.

The Irish are ranked 23 in the latest AP Top 25 poll.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Irish extinguish the Flames, win 91-71

Harangody dumped 32 points on Liberty as the Irish rolled past the Flames.  Nash and once again  Abro, who is the player of the week for the second straight time, scored 12 as the only other double digit scorers.

Tyler's brother did ok. Ben hit a key 3 in the first half but just finished with 6 points.

The Irish win round 1 of the Chicago Invitational Tournament and will play Tuesday against another horribly touch opponent, the Keenesaw State Owls.  The game is once again at the Joyce Center.

Let's keep rolling huh.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

49ers lose to the mighty Irish 82, 62

Mike Brey warned us this game would be tough.  He said they were Big East caliber, he said we needed a giant crowd and he was absolutely wrong.  The Long Beach State will be heading on a Long trip back to their Beach State with defeat in there eyes and disappointment on their faces.   

Gody had a typical game for him, 29 points and 12 rebounds.  I mean he has been doing it since sophomore year, he averages a double-double its crazzy.

Tyler Hanbrough's brother, Ben and Abro added 11. 

Easy win for the Irish.  3-0.

Next game: Joyce Center.  Liberty.  7pm.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

POLL: Who will win the Big East this year?

It promises to be a tight race to be crowned Big East king once again this year.  It is early to project anything accurate, but on the left we put the best 6 teams in the Big East (according to the AP Top 25).  

Vote today.  And Vote for ND. 

Monday, November 16, 2009

Red Flash Flashed By Irish, 95-72

That title may not make sense but the Irish did win.  A victory that even your average Detroit high school drop out of predicted came in a game that was closer than the experts predicted.  The Flashers hung around for a while before succumbing to the great Irish might.  

Gody had his usual.  27 points, 9 rebounds, and 2 blocks.  An average day in the life of the pre-season player of the year.  He did hit a few threes which is always fun to watch.  If I had to teach proper form to kid learning to shoot I would show him Gody's shot and say now do the opposite.  His shot is so ugly and yet so misleading,  when people hear about him at first then they see the way he shoots they say "Are you kidding?,  our nations best college basketball player shoots like a some kind deformed monster?"  Yet the more they watch the more they understand, he may shoot like a deformed monster but he makes everything.  

Tyler Hansbrough's brother Ben is the new McAlarney.  So far that is.  He has only missed two 3s so far as a player for the Irish, lets hope he can keep it going.  He scored 18 points tonight and also had 9 assists.  

Abro had a great game as well.  He is hitting 3s like he was born too.  17 points for him, a very good showing.  

The highlight of the game came when Jonathan Peoples couldn't jump high enough to dunk and ended up falling while missing an off balance dunk attempt/lay up.  I laughed pretty hard.  JP has always gotten a bad rep around here, but he did have a decent game besides that one hilarious blunder. 

Irish improve to 2-0 and will play Long Beach State next!  Another barn burner for sure.  Mike Brey however said the crowd needs to be in "Big East mode" for the game.  He was obviously upset with the poor showing for the crowd today.  Go to the game and see the new stadium why don't you?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Freshmen Jack Cooley VS Gody

Who is who?  I can't tell.  Hope Jack plays as similar to Luke as he looks...

Even the numbers 44 and 45? 

Well anyway, the Irish will play the dreaded Saint Francis (PA) Red Flash tomorrow.  If not in the local area you can watch online here

Saturday, November 14, 2009

A New Day, A New Hope, Irish win 86-65

A new court (kind of), a new team (mostly), and a new season are finally here.  The 2009 season opened up today with a win over North Florida.  The expected win had a few bright spots that show us new hope for the future.

Ben Hansbrough can shoot.  Yes he can, he went 5-5 from 3 point land and added 3 assists in the Irish win.  So far he is fitting into McAlarney's role nicely. 

We can win without Gody dominating.  Harangody scored 19 points but only went 5 for 13 from the field.  When our big guy isn't dominating it's nice to know that we can still easily defeat an inferior opponent.   

JP, Abro, Jackson, and Ty Nash all had good games.  Tim Abromaitis, who played an
average of zero minutes before today had a great game. Abro came off the bench and put 
up 13 points. JP has reached as good as he will get (not good), but hey he scored 11 and
had 3 assists.

But we are in it for the long haul, while this meaningless victory is important (ha), this
season is just starting. There is no expectations, lets go prove the world wrong.

The season is here, lets see what us underdogs can do.