Sunday, December 13, 2009

Brey Basketball: Close game endings

This is the start of a new kind of special post devoted to the coaching strategies of Mike Brey.  Note: This article is heavily sarcastic

Today we will focus and take an in-depth look at how Coach Brey handles situations where the game is on the line.  Brey's strategy is very unique and not done by any other sane coach in the country.

When a coach finds himself in a one possession game with only seconds left most call a timeout, not Brey.  Brey prefers to have his team disorganized and frantic at this time, rather than drawing a set play.  The Brey strategy is simple - The ball is passed in to the point guard who runs it down the court and, depending on the score, will either throw up an off balance 40 foot 3 or try to make an insanely difficult off balance running jump shot inside the arc. 

Brey has stuck by his strategy at all times.  When the Irish are down 2 with seconds left, Brey will almost always look to win the game.  Instead of drawing up a play for the best post scorer in the country to get an easy deuce,  Brey prefers for his team to take a wild three point jump shot (usually off the dribble and well beyond the NBA 3 line.)  The ideal play also involves no passing.  The guard with the ball dribbles with a defender tightly guarding him and throws up a shot, then Brey and the rest of the Irish pray for it to go in. 

I know it sounds like a great strategy so lets look at the numbers shall we?

We did some research and here it is:

Games decided by less than 6 points under Coach Mike Brey.
Wins decided by less than 6 points: 19  (31%)
Losses decided by less than 6 points: 41  (69%)

Now I realize you can't win every close game or even a big majority.  But usually a Coach of a prestigious basketball program goes at least .500 in this category.  19-41 is not even close to .500.  I am not comfortable knowing that if its a close, we have a 70% chance of losing.

Games decided by Overtime under Coach Mike Brey
Wins decided in overtime: 2 (25%)
Losses decided in overtime: 6 (75%)

Time for a reform in the way we handle ourselves during a close game? Brey doesn't think so.


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