Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hillary Wins Indiana!

First of all this article may seem a little bit out of place to the regular readers of this blog, but this is probably the first time here for most of the readers.  This is the Notre Dame Basketball blog, but today I want the Notre Dame fans and the rest of the residents of Indiana to consider who they are voting for in this upcoming primary. 
I believe that this election is very important like most young Americans, yet I differ with most of them on which candidate I am supporting.  My support goes out to Hillary Clinton, not Barack Obama.  It seems to me that everyone is supporting Barack Obama without even looking at the facts.  They just can't get enough of the big powerful speeches, the huge rallies, and the many calls for change yet they don't look for the specifics.  Not every Obama supporter thinks like this, but a lot do.  I also know that being young and a supporter of Obama is the cool thing to do and that being a supporter of Hillary Clinton is choosing the uncool candidate.  I think the cool thing to do is to support the candidate who you think is best for the job and  who you believe in, and that is Hillary Clinton.

Hillary and Obama do not differ on most, if any, of the issues.  They basically are almost the same candidate.  As much as the someone wants to argue, they pretty much agree on everything.  I do think Hillary has the slightly better economic and healthcare plans and that Obama may have an edge on immigration, but they are not large enough reasons to pick one over the other.  

The reason I pick Hillary over Obama is experience.  Obama has been a senator for less than 3 years. Hillary has been a senator for 7. Hillary had to deal with tough decisions while the First Lady in the White House. Obama hasn't.  Hillary has been to over 80 countries.  Obama hasn't. Hillary is experienced with other world leaders.  Obama isn't.  I know that Hillary can handle these things. Maybe Obama can, maybe he can't.  I don't know for sure, no one can know for sure.  

Her experience also makes her the more electable candidate.  I know I would hate to see McCain in office and I believe Hillary is the only candidate who can beat him.  All the essential states that are battlegrounds for the republicans and the democrats Hillary has won. New York, Ohio, California, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Florida and Michigan.  Hillary does overwhelmingly better in blue collar workers than Obama and they are crucial for a democratic victory in November.
  Sure, Obama has won more states.  But a big portion of his wins were in the South, thanks to the African American vote and republicans outnumber African Americans in the South so he won't be able to carry those states.

Hillary's double digit victory in the key state of Pennsylvania has already cut the lead in NC down to single digits and will certainly help her in Indiana.  While she says "Hoosiers for Hillary," I think it should be every college and everyone for Hillary in Indiana.  I want a democrat to get into office once again who has the experience to handle the job, and that candidate is Hillary Clinton.


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