Saturday, June 7, 2008

Good in the Long Run

The long run is looking very good for the program.  Let me start by saying that the Irish will be better next year, with there top scorers returning they will sure make just as much and more noise than they did last year.  The new incoming freshmen will certainly play a role and Harangody and McAlarney will carry the team once again.  

However, the future may be looking even more bright for the next seasons yet to come.  From the commitment of two big-name transfers to the return of Anthony Solomon, who did great on the coaching staff a few years ago, the Irish look like they are going to be good for the next 3 years.  On top of that the recruiting class of the 09-10 year is looking like one of the best. 

Here is a look at the rest of this decade, maybe you will see what I mean.

2008-2009: I have heard a lot of different sources say that Notre Dame may a serious national  title contender.  Whether you believe this or not that is what I have heard.  Everyone will be returning but, Kurz who I believe will be filled in well by Zeller and Nash.  The team can only be better than last year I think with a year strong off season and a good start to next season, a championship may not be that far from reach.  

2009-2010: McAlarney, Ayers, and Zeller will be gone.  All three of those players contribute alot.   Thats where the new recruits come in.  Hansbrough and Martin will fill in those spots extremely well.  Then in the post more room for Nash and Scott will be opened.  If Hansbrough and Martin play as well as expected and adjust well to the new school, Notre Dame will be just as good as the year before. But, this all  depends on Luke Harangody.  If he leaves early to the NBA he is unreplacable.  I doubt it though,  I think he is smart and will make the right choice to stay.
Well, this will probably the last thing I say till we get close to the start of next season, unless something important like another transfer or a staff change, but I think in the years to come it will be good to be an Irish basketball fan.

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