Thursday, November 27, 2008

Maui Day 3: Irish fall to #1 North Carolina, 102-87

If you are not 100% you can't beat North Carolina, and the Irish showed that they were tired.  Notre Dame got outplayed, and after two easy wins for NC they seemed fresher than ever out on the floor.  Whenever you play a team that is the 'best' some players just don't play like they usually do. 

Harangody was one of them.  He didn't look like himself, maybe it was because he was sick before the game but thats not an excuse.  Gody played terrible defense, the North Carolina post players (including Hansbrough who had 34 points) walked all over him.  He also didn't look that confident offensively with the ball.  

Tory Jackson did not seem like himself out there as well.  He commit lots of turn overs that you normally never see from him.  I have never seen anyone strip the ball away from him like NC was able to do.

Kyle McAlarney had a great night however.  He didn't let the pressure or anything get to him.  He hit 10 3s and contributed 39 points for the Irish effort.  He really stepped it up when he needed to. 

Well Maui is all over, the Irish leave with second place which was probably their realistic goal.  Above is a picture of Luke Zeller's parents supporting both his and his brother, Tyler's teams. 

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