Sunday, July 12, 2009

Big East Schedule

The teams the Irish play have been announced for next years conference play.  The teams in italics are teams that the Irish play twice.

HomeCincinnatiConnecticut, DePaul, Pittsburgh, Providence, St. John's, USF, Syracuse, West Virginia
AwayCincinnatiConnecticut, Georgetown, Louisville, Marquette, Rutgers, Seton Hall,USF, Villanova

What I find interesting is the fact that this will be the third straight year in which the Irish will play UConn twice.  UConn is a tough team, but I am not going to complain since I live in Connecticut.  Every chance to see the Irish play in person I take.  In the last 10 games against the Huskies, the Irish are just 3-7,  but I welcome the challenge. 

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