Monday, December 29, 2008

Big East Play is Here

Well it's here,  the conference games are finally starting.  And this year it is going to be an even tougher and more competitive than ever before.  Depending on which poll you look at (AP or ESPN) there are 9 teams from the Big East that are ranked in at least one of the polls.  Luckily for the Irish they kick off their Big East play with DePaul, a team that will be much easier to play than the conference elite.  The Irish should be able to secure an early victory going into what will be a very tough stretch ahead.  

A lot of people are questioning the Irish home-court winning streak, which is now at 43 games.  No one thought two years ago that the Irish would still have their winning streak after Big East play, and they thought the same thing last year.  And guess what, they think the same thing this year.  This will certainly be a test for the team, but I think they can do it.

The biggest test of all for the Irish will be keeping up with the teams that hurt them in the past.  Notre Dame usually has trouble with the more physical and athletic teams in the conference, such as Georgetown and UConn.  The keys for these games will be to stay composed and to not try to play the fast-break running game that these teams like to play.  

 Today was the Big East opening night for two teams and the game was a dandy.  The #2 team in the land Connecticut took on the the #8 team Georgetown at their home court.  However, that did not stop the Hoyas from out playing and out working the Huskies to earn a huge win for the team.  Final Score: Georgetown- 74 Connecticut- 63

The Irish opener at DePaul will be on ESPN 2 at 8pm on New Years Eve.

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