Saturday, December 6, 2008

Irish upset by Ohio State

Harangody carried the team even with his sickness, yet it was not enough to stop Ohio State from winning.  Kyle McAlarney was shut down offensively, he didn't make one 3 pointer.  He finished with 6 points in a very frustrating game for him. 

Today's game showed a major flaw in the Irish.  If your a decent team, all you have to do is shut down either K-Mac or Gody.  If you can stop one of them, you will have a reasonable chance to win the game.  They are no other consistant scorers on the team.  Ayers sometimes will have a 6 point game and then a 20 point game.  The same thing goes with Hillesland and Jackson.  Zeller and Peoples hardly ever score more than 10 points a game.  Someone needs to step up when one of the scorers are being shut down and it didn't happen today.

The Irish had a chance to tie the game with 12 seconds to go and down by 3 points.  Ohio State called time out and gave the Irish a chance to come up with something.  However, the Irish used the "classic Chris Quinn play" to try to tie the game.  If you remember, 3 seasons ago when Chris Quinn was the point guard, the Irish would always be in a close game (and always lose) and it usually came down to the final play.  Quinn would end up taking a deep 30 foot 3 pointer and it would bounce off the rim to end the game.  That's exactly what Kyle McAlarney did today.  He hoisted up shot just like Quinn would and it missed, causing the Buckeyes to win.  I don't know if that was Mac's or Brey's call, but you would think with the timeout, a better play would be drawn up.  

This was the last tough game for the Irish until the Big East starts up, so unless something crazy happens, the Irish should look to go in to Big East play with 2 loses.

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