Sunday, March 16, 2008

Big East Tourney Recap

Well I am back from the Big East and I don't think anyone could have predicted what went on this year.  What a year, too bad for the Irish, but it was entertaining.

The First round of games concluded with no upsets what so ever. And then in the quarterfinals Georgetown won their first game by beating Villanova.  The tournament was looking very predictable. Then the second quarterfinal came between UConn and West Virginia. I am from Connecticut so everyone I was with was for the Huskies.  However, West Virginia then knocked out UConn.  Joe Alexander played amazing for WV scoring 32 points and single handily brought down the Huskies.  Once nightfall came the upsets kept coming, Pitt over Louisville and yes, Marquette over the Irish. Pitt plays amazing in NY and many thought Louisville was going to win it all, yet the Panthers had other ideas. 

Let me just say this, Marquette played amazing.  They looked better than any team the Irish played all year in the game.  Jerome McNeal was great and the whole team had no flaws.  They were proving why the had such a high rank earlier in the season with this big win.  The Irish played decent.  You could tell Harangody was under pressure being the Player of the Year for the conference and he was forcing it.  Other than that the Irish played well, it just wasn't enough for the tremendous game Marquette had. 

Then the semis came along.  I was not very into the games, Notre Dame lost, UConn lost and there was no one to root for.  Georgetown won beating West Virginia who played no where near as well as they did against UConn.  Then Pitt beat Marquette keeping their streak going.  Marquette also played terrible compared to their last game.

And in the finals, it was Pittsburgh. Upsetting the number 9 team in the country and 1 seed in the tournament. Pitt played great throughout the whole week and if the Irish could not win it, I would have preferred someone other than Georgetown.

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