Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Wednesday Predicitions

There are four games to be played tomorrow and I though I would have some fun by trying to predict them:

Game 1 Syracuse vs Villanova
Both teams are trying desperately to get to the NCAA and their hopes maybe riding on a victory in this game.  I am going to have to pick Nova.  Their experience will lead them past Syracuse, whose leading scorers are freshmen. 

Game 2 West Virginia vs Providence
I am going to have to pick West Virginia, Providence has had a tough year and I don't think it is about to get any better.  However, the one team Providence has had success against is Connecticut and if they win this game that is who they would be playing.  It would be very exciting to see Providence play UConn again after beating them twice already.

Game 3 Pittsburgh vs Cincinnati 
Pittsburgh all the way here.  The Bearcat's last loss to UConn by 48 suggests that the last thing they have is momentum and confidence going into this contest.

Game 4 Seton Hall vs Marquette
As much as I want Seton Hall to win this game my mind tells me Marquette. Marquette is simply too much for Seton Hall to handle when they are playing at their best.  I will be heavily rooting for Seton Hall, because I would not want to have to play Marquette if I were the Irish.

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