Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Starting Line-up to Change Again

Coach Brey has stated today that he is still looking for the right mix of players to start the game.  Before the current 7 game losing streak, the Irish line-up looked like this:

PG Tory Jackson
SG Kyle McAlarney
F Ryan Ayers 
F Zach Hillesland
C Luke Harangody

Over the past 5 games, 4 different line-ups have been used to try the game.  McAlarney and Gody have never left the line-up which makes sense but if Brey wants to change up the line-up he needs to commit to it.  For example,  Jonathan Peoples started a couple games but still only played his usual 9-12 minutes.  It's not like just a different line-up will shake things up, you need changes in playing time.  This is what I think the line-up should be for Louisville tomorrow:

PG Jackson
SG McAlarney
F Tyrone Nash
F Luke Zeller
C Luke Harangody

Ayers and Hillesland have probably been the most disappointing players, over this very disappointing stretch.  Nash needs to start getting more time.  I'd also like to see the Irish go nine deep tomorrow.  Which means time from Nash and Scott aside from then usual 7.  What did they have to lose?  Sticking with our "reliable" players isn't very reliable right now.  

Notre Dame's hopes of the NCAA Tournament will be crushed if they lose tomorrow.  


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