Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Final Stand


If the team loses on thursday to Louisville there is no more hope for the Irish to make the NCAA tournament as an at large bid.  The Irish are 12-10 and have zero momentum, just like any team that went from 12-3 to 12-10 would be.  This mid-season catastrophe has done everything but destroy the teams chances of making the tournament, which still hangs by a thread.  The Irish need to be tough and not let this losing streak ruin everything while they still can.

I believe that in order for the team to make the tournament, they will have to win all but 1 of their final games.  Ending the season with an 19-11 record should get the team in the tournament as maybe an 8, 9 or 10 seed, similar to Villanova last year.  An 18-12 record with a strong Big East performance could do it as well, but then the Irish would be a major bubble team probably leaning out. 

And their is still a chance that the Irish could win the Big East tournament.  If the tournament started today no way, but if the Irish can get hot and go into the post-season with some momentum, the team has the talent to do it.  

First thing is first,  the Irish absolutely need to win on Thursday vs Louisville.  That's about as much as a must win as you will ever see.

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