Saturday, January 31, 2009

Looking Forward

5 straight loses.  That's a fact and it's not going to change.  The Irish can do two things from here on out because they have the talent to do it.  They can forget about that skid and win the rest of their winnable games (21-9 my prediction) or they can let this skid ruin their whole season and just play mediocre like they have been.  

The fate of the team is still in their hands.  Every single one of the games coming up except one are "winnable."  Meaning their is a decent chance that the game can be won.  The game at UConn is not very winnable.  The upcoming game at UCLA will be very tough, but still winnable. If the Irish can win every game but UConn, which isn't by an means an impossible task then they could still end up a 4 or 5 seed in the tournament.  The goal should not be to make the NCAA, it should be to get a good rank in it. 

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