Saturday, January 17, 2009

Irish lose to Syracuse

#8 Syracuse: 93
#12 Notre Dame: 74

Gody 25, K-Mac, 24

The first thing I want to say is all is not lost. I mean really the things I have heard since this loss are ridiculous, and the fact that they are coming from the "fans" really annoys me. I have heard "I see us going 3-10 from here on out" and "the team is terrible." It seems like everyone has lost there confidence is the teams ability to win. The fact of the matter is that the last two games were against two ranked teams on the road. I understand that you need to be able to win road games in this league, but cut the team a break. Anyone that was expecting a 6-0 start in the toughest conference the NCAA has ever seen is crazy. 4-2 would be understandable, but there was one loss the team shouldn't of had, that's it.

I do however, realize the team did not play up to there standards today. Stronger defense needs to take place, if they can't hit their shots all the time.

There is no where to look but forward at this point. The team will look to defend the longest home-court winning streak in the country against Connecticut, and if UConn wants to win they are going to have to be bring it and be nothing short of perfect. After two loses, the Irish are not about to concede their home-court winning streak without a hard fight.

Meet you in South Bend, Connecticut.

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