Sunday, January 25, 2009

Streak Snapped, Rethinking Needed

#3 UConn: 69
#19 Notre Dame: 61

The most frustrating thing about this loss isn't that the 45 game home winning streak has come to end, although that sure is up there. It's that the Irish played good defense for once, and the loss came down to shooting. The Irish hoisted a ton of 3s and only made 29% of them and only shot 32% from inside the arc, thats a miserable shooting performance. That is something you can't really help though, you can control how much effort you are putting in on defense but you can't help it if your not hitting your shots. It's a shame that the loss was because of one of the only poor shooting performances of the year.

Harangody had a good game against Thabeet. Thabeet did get a few blocks, but Gody stepped out a lot to take jumpers and hit two 3 pointers. Bringing Thabeet out really takes away his presence down low, which is the only thing that he has going for him. Gody finished with 24 points and 12 rebounds, another double-double.

K-Mac hit his first three 3s and then was done. He went ice cold from everywhere, but that's something that sucks but it's not really in his control. He took good shots too, they just were not falling. Give partial credit to UConn for making him work so much to get open.

Adrien seems to determined to make himself a personal enemy of Notre Dame. I don't know why, maybe it's just his nature to talk trash anytime he gets. He said another comment after the game, something about telling the fans to be quiet because this is UConn's gym now. Yeah okay, Adrien. Living in CT, I have the displeasure of seeing him play all the time and he is no better than the average post-player, you would think with a mouth so big that he could at least back it up.

Let me just say one more thing, Tyrone Nash had 8 points in 2 minutes of playing time. That says it all play him more. The kids are tired down the stretch and it shows. Nash wasn't afraid to take it right to the hoop. Nash had more points than Zeller (15 minutes of PT), Jonathan Peoples (11 minutes), Ryan Ayers (35 minutes), Zach Hillesland (29 minutes) and was just a basket away from Jackson and McAlarney. So give the kid some time, he out scored his two position players, Hillesland and Ayers, in two minutes while they had the whole game.

Rethinking is needed, and Tyrone Nash would move the barely 7 man rotation to 8, and finally give kids a break. If something is not done soon, the Irish could move to a bubble team, then to a team on the outside looking in, and then to for sure NIT. Losing like this can't happen even if it is against good teams. Expect the Irish to be un-ranked on Monday. But, Monday is another big night and once again Notre Dame are the underdogs, it's at home vs Marquette. So it will be a challenge to get 1 in a row.

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