Monday, January 12, 2009

Irish fall at Louisville in OT

#23Louisville: 87
#13Notre Dame: 73

Notre Dame lost for one reason is this contest.  Fatigue.  The bench has not been deep all year, but it really showed tonight.  After regulation no one had anything left in the tank.  Jonathan Peoples was absolutely horrible tonight.  He seemed to turn it over whenever he got the ball. which caused no rest for Mac or Jackson.  

The team played great though for the first 4o minutes.  Harangody had 28 points and Kyle McAlarney had 19.  The Irish played their A game on the road vs a tough team in a  tough atmosphere.  

The loss was just due to fatigue.  With only 1 reliable bench player (Zeller),  the Irish are going to get even more tired down the road.  The road ahead is going to get tough.  This game belonged to the Irish,  but once it went into OT everyone was already running on empty. 

The Irish play at Syracuse over the weekend, which will be another tough game.  Rest up.