Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Irish will face a big test tomorrow

The last big game for the Irish is arguably the biggest.  The #17 Irish, who have won all but 3 games in the last 3 months are up against the red-hot #13 Louisville Cardinals.  This will be the toughest game so far for the Irish.  There are many things at stake in this game.

One is the Big East Race.  Currently the only teams with 3 losses are Georgetown, Notre Dame, and Louisville.  Whatever happens in the game between the Irish and the Cardinals, only one team will come out still having 3 losses.  That will be deciding on who gets a chance to surpass Georgetown for the regular season title as well as being a 2 seed over a 3 in the           tournament. 

This game could also potentially show that Notre Dame is in fact an elite team in the country.  The two biggest road tests so far (at Georgetown and at Marquette) have been terrible losses.  Although the Irish were able to knock off ranked opponent Villanova on the road, Villanova has now proven to be over ranked.  A win for the Irish tomorrow would say, The Irish really can beat tough opponents on the road and should be a higher rank as well as a higher seed in the NCAA Tournament.

If everyone plays like they have been then I believe Notre Dame has the best shot at winning this game.  If Jackson keeps scoring and playing as well as he has, If McAlarney finds his shot early in the game, If Kurz keeps up his consistent contributions, And if Harangody plays the like the Player of the Year like he has been then the Irish will win.  It's pretty simple the Irish have to have a good game.  A couples games this year they didn't play at their 'A' game and still managed to pull out the victory, this game however won't be like that.  Everything has to click like it has been and the Irish should come out on top.


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