Monday, February 11, 2008

The Team

This post is to give you a brief run down of the Notre Dame 07-08 squad.  It seems like I need to give a little background information before jumping right into things, yet if you are here you should already know about the this.  None the less, here it is:

Rob Kurz Sr. 6'9"
Rob Kurz is the only Senior on the Notre Dame squad.  Averages 12.8 points per game and 8 rebounds per game.  No doubt about it the most consistent player on Notre Dame.  Every game he goes out there and does what does.  He has the ability to step out and shoot the 3. Which is key because it draws the defense out and opens the post for Harangody.  He is the most experienced player on the court for the Irish and rarely makes mistakes.

Kyle McAlarney Jr. 6'0"
Kyle McAlarney plays a mixture of 1 and 2 guard for the Irish.  He Averages 15.2 points per game.  He is an excellent 3 pointer shooter, around 45% from deep.  He also has the ability to put the ball on the floor and take it to the hoop which some shooters have trouble with.  Rarely turns the ball over, excellent ball handler.

Ryan Ayers Jr. 6'7"
Ryan Ayers plays the 3 guard or small forward  on the Irish.  Has started for the majority of season however lost his spot to Zach Hillesland.  Another excellent 3 point shooter, but not much to show for it averaging 8 points a game.  If he shoots a little more and becomes more assertive with the ball he will become great.

Zach Hillesland Jr. 6'9"
Hillesland is the starting small forward for the Irish averaging 5 points a game.  He is always energetic and fired up when on the floor.  Can take it to the hoop, not a big 3 point threat.  Very athletic and a very good ball handler for his size.

Luke Zeller Jr. 6'10"
Luke Zeller is the backup big man for the Irish averaging 5 points per game.  He is another 3 point threat for theBold Irish.  A similar player to Kurz. He should fit in Kurz' position next year.  Needs to improve scoring in post.

Luke Harangody So. 6'8"
No words can describe how big Luke Harangody is to the Irish.  When he is in the game it changes Notre Dame's style of play to low post from 3 point orientated.  Has master the mid range jumper as well as a jump hook he can do just about over everyone.  Luke averages just over 20 points a game as well as 10.2 rebounds.  

Tory Jackson So. 5'11"
The point guard for the Irish.  Dishes the ball very well and can take it to the hoop.  The only area of improvement is his shooting. If Jackson becomes a 3 point threat he will be very tough to defend.

Jonathan Peoples So. 6'3"
Oh Jonathan Peoples.  I have been a critic of him for a while now.  I really think Brey should try one of the Freshman over him and see how that goes.  Well I guess  he does his role well though.  He is a utility guard who gives people well deserved breaks. And he may not score much , but he doesn't ruin the game either. 

Tyrone Nash, Charleton Scott, Ty Proffit, Tim Abromaitis, Tom Kopko  Fr.
The freshmen on Notre Dame don't get much playing time. However, they are all promising from what I see and should continue Notre Dame's recent success.



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