Monday, February 18, 2008


The Irish manage to stay in the Top 25 despite losing to Connecticut last week.  The Irish come in at 21 in both polls.  The Big East is beginning to seem like the it will come right down to the final game before any team is crowned number one.  The Top 4 teams are tied in the loss column:

Georgetown: 11-3
Louisville: 10-3
Notre Dame 9-3
Connecticut 9-3

Louisville plays tonight vs Syracuse.  Hopefully Syracuse carries the momentum from their last upset victory vs Georgetown to this game tonight.  It would great if Notre Dame moved back into second place.

The Irish, as well as the other teams should feel comfortable with their position.  The 5th place team is 2 games behind Notre Dame and Connecticut.  It wouldn't be too much of an assumption to say that these four teams could be the teams that get that ever so crucial bye in the first round of the conference tournament.



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