Monday, February 11, 2008


Like Stuart I don't live anywhere near ND, and I'm not planning to in the future.

 The honest truth is that I have no idea why I am a fan of Notre Dame. I guess the way to explain it would be to say it is what it is. Does any one really know why they are a fan of the teams they like to watch? Maybe your parents brought you up that way, still why did you choose to listen to them. I feel that ND has a lot of potential for the future, no I have not been a fan for very long, but I can tell you we have some amazing players on the team right now and they are great to watch. The team really inspires me though. Always lacking respect no one expects the  Notre Dame basketball team to amount to anything.  But this year will prove the critics that Notre Dame isn't just a football school.

They may have some close calls and extremely nervewracking games, but that is what makes you want to be a fan, the hope that someday your team will amount to being better than everyone elses, to win a title and throw it into everyones face that thought they couldn't do it. That is what being a fan is about and thats why ND makes it so exciting to be one. I mean really, is it that fun to watch a team like the Memphis Tigers kill everyone? What would be exciting is to have someone beat them.


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