Thursday, February 21, 2008

Irish keep pace with win over Pitt

Notre Dame 82
Pittsburgh 70

The Irish find themselves once again tied in the loss column and with Connecticut in the Big East race. With the number of games left running low the race is starting to get really interesting.  The Irish just need to keep winning like they have been.  

The win this evening did not come easily.  The Panthers showed the Irish that they were here to play, asserting themselves to a 5 point lead at half and a double digit lead midway through the first half.  However, the Irish stormed back and locked down Pitt.  Pitt did not make a field goal for the last 6 and half minutes of the game.  The Irish tied the game on a McAlarney 3 and then Luke Harangody stole it next possession and finished with a hard dunk to take the lead for good.

Jackson had yet another unbelievable game.  Finished with 16 points and 11 rebounds. 13 rebounds?! As you may recall I went crazy over his 8 rebounds at Rutgers, but 13?  How does a 5'10" kid manage to get that many rebounds.  How would you feel as big man on the opposing team when the shortest kid on the court out rebounds you.  And 16 points is great for Jackson too.  Jackson is looking unstoppable out there.  He's boosting with confidence and is out hustling everyone. 

Luke Harangody reminded everyone why he should be the candidate for Big East Player of the Year. 23 points and 12 points.  After an off performance at Rutgers he came ready to play today, and was back to his usual self.  He has nights like this almost every night and in my mind absolutely the player of the year for the conference.  

McAlarney was cold in the first half missing his first 5 shots.  However, in the second half he began to feel it.  He hit three 3 pointers in the second half including a crucial one to tie the game.  Finishing with 15 points, gave an overall good game despite a poor shooting night percentage wise. 

Kurz also played well.  He scored 7 of the first 13 Irish points and finished with 14 and contributed 5 rebounds.  

The Irish will play Syracuse on Sunday for their next game.


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