Monday, February 11, 2008


Well let me first start off by saying that I don't live in Indiana. I live in the suburbs of northern Connecticut. I'm also not very Irish, maybe 10%. But for some reason I find myself being an Irish fan. And for all you fans out there you can say that its not because of Notre Dame's amazing basketball success.

Being very young I don't really know about much history of the basketball program. However i have lived through some pretty exciting years as a Notre Dame basketball fan. I can remember the days of Matt Carroll and Chris Thomas and the trip to the sweet sixteen. I also remember the not so good days, such as heartbreaking last season of Chris Quinn's Irish career where the team always seemed to lose in overtime, and the disappointing loss to Winthrop in the first round of last years NCAA tournament.

I was thinking about starting a blog for sometime and I realized that I just couldn't wait till next year to do so. So let me inform on how Notre Dame has been doing so far this year:

The Irish started the year off 2-2 with two losses in the Paradise Jam Tournament. But after that the Irish went on then went on an 8 game winning streak to go into Conference play at 10-2. The Irish so far are an impressive 8-2 in the most competitive conference in my opinion. The Irish have also broke into the Top 25 polls at number 22. Here is a look at the Big East standings today:

1. Georgetown 9-2 .818 19-3 .864
2. Notre Dame 8-2 .800 18-4 .818
3. Louisville 8-3 .727 18-6 .750
4. Connecticut 7-3 .700 18-5 .783
Pittsburgh 6-4 .600 18-5 .783
Marquette 6-5 .545 16-6 .727
Syracuse 6-5 .545 16-8 .667
Cincinnati 6-5 .545 11-12 .478
West Virginia 5-5 .500 16-7 .696
Seton Hall 5-6 .455 15-9 .625
DePaul 5-6 .455 10-13 .435
Villanova 4-6 .400 14-8 .636
Providence 4-7 .364 13-10 .565
St. John's 4-7 .364 10-12 .455
Rutgers 2-10 .167 10-15 .400
USF 1-10 .091 10-14 .400

Thinking back to the title of this post I realized that I didn't answer it.  That's because there is no real answer.  I don't know why I am a Notre Dame fan, I just am.


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