Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Irish fall to Connecticut 84-78

First of all let me say that this was an amazing basketball game.  I  sat 2 rows behind the Irish bench and could hear almost everything Coach Brey was saying.  I learned the Brey calls Peoples, "JP." The game was intense from start to finish.

Well on to the bad news.  After winning 5 games in a row since the last Irish loss to Marquette, the Irish were unable to overtake Connecticut in the final minutes of the game.  The home crowd for the Huskies was roaring and played a big role in their victory, just like how Irish fans played a huge role for the Irish victory in South Bend.  After watching both of those games I still cannot figure out who is the better team.  Both games were decided by 6 points.  Put both teams on a neutral court and you'll have one hell of a game. As a matter of fact, that might just happen this year in New York.  The loss puts the Irish tied into 3rd place in the Big East with the Huskies (both teams 8-3).  

Harangody- Luke had an amazing game, a career game.  32 points a career high as well as 16 rebounds.  Harangody made Thabeet look silly tonight with moves that caught him off balance, however Thabeet did have a few blocks.  Luke played like the Big East Player of the year, which he should be.  His effort though was just not enough. 

Jackson- Tory also played great, chipping in 11 points which included two 3 pointers.  He amazed me when he made his first two 3s of the night back to back.  Turned it over very little, and an overall great game. 

McAlarney- McAlarney posted 12 points including 8 in the second half.  He played well, but was tightly guarded all game.

All the other players had decent games as well.  However, the presence of Thabeet down low changed a lot of shots that normally should be easy lay ups. 

Overall the Irish played great.  The loss just came to two things; Hasheem's presence down low and the roaring home crowd.  Both of this factors played a huge roll down the stretch.  The Irish will play Rutgers on Sunday and that will be the game where the Irish will get this loss out of their systems.


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